Safely Transport Holiday Foods to Your Destination

We at Audi West Houston know that holidays are full of happy times and food that is shared with family and friends and taken to events. If you are concerned about safely transporting food and avoiding any messy spills, we have a few tips to keep your car clean and food secure.

  • Store your food properly. Make sure your cold and hot foods are stored at the right temperatures. An ice pack is great for cold foods, while hot foods will stay hot longer if you pack them in blankets or newspaper and a box.
  • Seal your food. Tin foil works best for an extra layer of protection when packing things in containers that aren't spill-proof.
  • Box it up. Organize everything in a box with the heaviest items on the bottom and try to separate cold from hot foods. Pack newspaper around the items so they don't topple over.

If you are in Houston, TX for the holidays, stop by our new Audi showroom and our staff will gladly give you more tips on safe holiday driving!

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