What Actually Is Horsepower?

Chances are that at some point in time throughout your life you have heard the term "horsepower" once or twice. If you have ever shopped for any automobiles, tractors, lawn mowers or recreational vehicles such as ATVs or motor-cross bikes, you have certainly heard this term before. Now the question is: do you know what horsepower actually is?

Many people only loosely know that horsepower is a way to define the power of a vehicle's engine but not many people know how that is done or what standard is being used to compare to. The need for such a measurement at all arose during the late 18 and early 19th centuries during the steam revolution.

James Watt was a Scottish man, an avid inventor, mechanical engineer as well as a chemist. When steam engines came about he decided there was a need to measure the power of these engines, to help better sell them. The term horsepower actually refers to the weight of coal a single pony could pull 330 lbs. of coal 100 ft.

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