Are the Worn-Out Tires on Your Car Dangerous?

The tires on your car should always have plenty of thread, but many drivers push those tires to the limits and don't realize how much danger they are placing their loved ones in by not changing tires on a routine basis. Bring the car to a dealership, like Audi West Houston, if you are not sure if your tires have the appropriate amount of tire tread.

The reason tire wear needs to be addressed in a timely manner is because the less tread you have often translates to the longer it will take for the car to come to a complete stop. When you are trying to avoid getting in an accident, every foot of stopping power counts. Look closely at the tires for any cracks, bulges or uneven wear. This could be an indication new tires are going to be needed shortly. If there is something stuck in the tire, have a professional remove it.

Bring the car to Audi West Houston today and a mechanic will inspect all the tire wear and consult with you about when replacements are needed.

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