3 Things to Consider Before Leaving for Your Road Trip

The holiday season is in full swing, which means that plenty of drivers are planning on hitting the roads for all sorts of occasions. By taking the time today to consider a few things about your upcoming road trip with our team at Audi West Houston, you increase the chances of arriving at your destination safely and ahead of your schedule:

  1. Keep a box of emergency essentials on board to be able to make small repairs or get you help if you break down. The box can consist of tools, flashlights, duct tape, antifreeze, a gas can, and even fix-a-flat.
  2. Look to see if you have major hubs along the route and take alternate routes at rush hour so you are not dealing with hours of standing still when you could be making a good time.
  3. Make certain you have a good spare tire and working jack in the trunk, so you're not stuck with a flat and no way to fix it.

Be sure you set aside an afternoon so our mechanics can get the car on the lift and do a complete road trip safety checkup!

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