Audi Quattro All-Wheel Drive is Legendary, And Here’s Why You Want it On Your Next Car

Basic logic dictates that all-wheel drive is best for wet weather. But that’s not true outright—not when you drive an Audi model with quattro. Designed to prevent traction loss by sending torque to the wheels with the most grip preventatively, it helps keep road command in poor conditions, and in every day driving. Better yet, it can be had in every available Audi model.

Most AWD systems use a transfer case, but Audi uses a torque-sensing, self-locking center differential. Two output shafts direct power fore or aft as needed, with as much as 70 percent going forward, or 85 percent back. This is both lighter and quicker than transfer case-based systems, but that’s only the start of the innovation. Cornering force can be equalized in daily driving using torque vectoring between wheels. Sometimes, the system will even lightly brake the inner wheels and send them more power, providing grip and sporty handling in one fell swoop.

When the weather is not-so-hottro, you can rely on your new Audi with quattro. To learn more about this system, our models, or if you have any other questions, contact our Houston, TX dealership as it’s convenient.

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