Although the new Audi e-tron SUV has more than enough range to take on the vast majority of journeys on a quarter charge or less, some drivers are still concerned about running out of power in an electric vehicle. Audi engineers a variety of solutions to this problem, including high-efficiency energy use, 30 minute quick-charging capability, and the e-tron MMI (Multi Media Interface) real-time route planner.

The MMI real-time route planner pulls information from your vehicle and your route to ensure you always have plenty of power to get where you're going. If your destination is outside of your current charge range, MMI will locate charging stations along the way to get you there with plenty of power available.

The new e-tron refuels quickly, so you don't have to wait around to build the charge you need. The e-tron can go from zero charge to 80% in just 30 minutes while using a 150-kilowatt charger, and just ten minutes' charging time can add on over fifty miles of range.

The e-tron offers a great range per charge as well--you'll get over 200 miles per charge, which is over four times as far as 98% of U.S. car trips.

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