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Mack Albukhari
General Manager

Thank you for visiting Audi West  We are extremely proud of our professional and knowledgeable staff.  We invite you in to our store to experience the difference.

Cory Christman
Pre-Owned Director

I started with Audi and Sonic Automotive in 2016. I truly enjoy my role in providing the best service to meet our clients expectations. I take pleasure in meeting new people daily and having a chance to make a positive impact on their car buying experience.

Ahmad Jamal
New Car Sales Manager

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in 2016. I like working for an industry where I am meeting new people, being part of their car buying experience and getting exposed to new models. Customer satisfaction and making buyers happy is what I like about this business. In my new role as New Car Sales Manager, I enjoy working with my team and leading them to be successful. I am so blessed to be a part of the Audi West and Sonic Automotive family!

Justin Mears
Finance Manager

I joined Audi West Houston in 2018, I have been with my Sonic Automotive family for 10 years.  I enjoy making connections with our customers and providing them with a great customer experience so that we can create a lasting relationship beyond their first purchase. Buying a car can be stressful and hopefully our team helps make it an enjoyable experience here at Audi West Houston and I am glad that I play a role in making that happen. Audi is a prestigious brand that strives to provide an excellent product and superior customer service. I am proud to be associated with this company and enjoy letting people know that I work for Audi West Houston.

Sal Batniji
Finance Manager

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in 2018. Working at Audi has given me the opportunity to learn and grow on a daily basis-to better assist my clients. I enjoy meeting people every day and helping them make their car buying experience as stress free as possible, as it should be.

Octavio Cancel
Finance Manager

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in 2019. My passion for the automotive industry allows me to enjoy the everyday task of providing quality service to building relationships with clients.My favorite part of working for Audi West must be the engaging of clients daily to ensure their complete satisfaction through a seamless and unique experience. At Audi West everyone shares the same vision and are all dedicated to their mission.

Jeffrey Lombardo
Audi Lease Portfolio Manager

I joined the Sonic Automotive family in 2016 and have been with the Audi West location for 3 years now. My Passion is introducing amazing high value vehicles to prospective buyers for the first time. What I love most is the teamwork necessary in an Automobile Dealership to execute in such a way to provide excellent experience for our clients.

Cash Jacobson
Service Director



Amadou Niang
Audi Brand Specialist

Christian Perez
Audi Brand Specialist

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in September of 2019. My passion for working in automotive is being able to build long lasting relationships and help my clients get into their dream car. What I love the most about working at audi is being able to represent the brand and being in a professional environment.

Dana Armstead
Audi Brand Specialist

I started with Audi and Sonic Automotive in December of 2018. This industry feeds my love for helping people in an honest and ethical manner to make important decisions like purchasing a vehicle. Working as an Audi Brand Specialist is easy for me because I am working for a brand I can truly be proud of. It makes my day much easier knowing that I sell a product that my clientele genuinely loves to buy. Specifically, Audi West is a great place to work due to our diverse team of well-seasoned veterans.

Erica Sauceda

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in 2018. I am passionate about providing great quality service and meeting our clients expectations. I'm proud to be a part of one of the best luxury brands in the market and I look forward to growing in this incredible industry.

Frederic Layaud
Audi Brand Specialist

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in 2017.Working in a nice facility with a friendly staff makes my job very pleasant, my ultimate goal is to find the perfect car for my clients. I've always been attracted by Audi, because I perceived this brand to be the finest in the European car production.

Hamady Kante
Audi Brand Specialist

I have been with Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive For 3 years. The best part about automotive business is meeting new people from all walks of life with different culture, ethnicity and values. My favorite part about working at Audi West specifically is the comradery with all my colleagues, our sense of family and service. I love seeing the joy in my clients eyes as they drive off in their dream Audi, knowing they made the right choice in vehicle and dealership.

Jared Noe
Audi Brand Specialist

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in September 2019. The enthusiasm here couldn't make Audi West more of a distinguished company-as far as technological advancements, safety ratings and racing heritage. I am proud to walk in the door every day and be apart of history in the making here at Audi West Houston.

Jonathan Ayala
Audi Brand Specialist

    I joined Audi West Houston and the Sonic Automotive Group in September 2019. What I love most about the Automotive industry is that I'm able to work with different people every day and making friends with them in the process. I love how everyone at Audi West is driven and welcoming.  

Luis Ponce
Audi Brand Specialist

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in May of 2019. I have been in Sales for over 7 years but have recently just started in the car industry. I enjoy meeting new people and building long lasting relationships. I'm proud to be part of this Audi family and look forward to continue learning and growing at Audi West.

Moe Darwich
Audi Brand Specialist

Saad Saad
Audi Brand Specialist

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in 2017. With a background in education, I enjoy educating and introducing our Audi product to our guests and making the car buying process easy and understandable. I enjoy working at Audi West and I am looking forward to meeting you!

Shawn Echols
Audi Brand Specialist

I'm glad to say that I have been at Audi West Houston, since 2014. It's has afforded me the opportunity to grow in an incredible industry, while daily engaging many amazing people, as we share our interest in the finest of German engineering. I would tell anyone that's looking for a great place to either work or shop, consider Audi West Houston. 

Shaun Hannon
Audi Brand Specialist

I pride myself on product knowledge - many customers come in here with a handful of information and little bit of experience and it is my job to help clients acquire their dream car, which is very satisfying. Audi West has given me the opportunity to drive some of the best engineered vehicles in the market and go to special events: training, new vehicle launches and industry training but by far my favorite - track event at COTA where I ran the track in the TTRS, RS3 and the R8 V10 Plus.

Stephen Reed
Audi Brand Specialist

I started at Audi of West Houston with Sonic Automotive in December of 2018. The automotive industry is perfect for me because of my love for service to others, and working as an Audi Brand Specialist is easy because I am working for a brand I can truly be proud of. My job is great because I know I'm selling a safe, quality, intelligently engineered vehicle that's steeped with a rich racing history. Audi West is a special place for me because of the team atmosphere, and well-trained staff.

Trevor Hanes
Audi Brand Specialist

I joined Audi West in 2016. This has been a great journey and I have created a great network of happy clients. Creating relationships and sharing the passion I have with the brand is what I do best. My team makes it easy being well disciplined and organized, everyone works really well together and enjoys being around one another. What I love most about working here is the clients I have met and turned into friendships. Getting calls and hellos after the sale is a great feeling. It is nice being noticed when they are getting their vehicle serviced, or even when the client remembers it is my birthday. This is what it is all about, building relationships and being a true advocate and brand ambassador for Audi West.



Roger Diaz
Audi Lot Coordinator

Eduardo Celis
Audi Lot Coordinator

Calanne Shelly

 I joined the Audi West Houston team over a year ago. I've never really had a passion for automotive until I started working at Audi. I am now passionate about the craftsmanship of the vehicles as well as the engineering that goes into each vehicle. What I enjoy about working at Audi West is not only being able to stay updated on the latest technology this brand has to offer but also being able to inform clients everything they need to know about their Audi.  The thing I love most about my job is the people interactions and the opportunity to work with a great team. 

Robert Reno
Audi Technologist

I have been with Sonic Automotive Audi West Houston since 2019. I love being around cars and learning the "ins and outs" of vehicles since I was a little kid so being in the automotive industry was a perfect blend. Audi West provides opportunities that go far beyond just working with vehicles. I love my job because of the people I meet, and who I am able to help fall in love with their Audi's even more.



Erik Ta
Service Drive Manager

I joined Audi West Houston and have been with Sonic Automotive since 2015.  I've always enjoy working on automotive since I was 15 years old.  What I love most about my role at Audi West Houston is taking care of the customers' needs and concerns to make sure their vehicle is always safe to drive. Exceeding customer expectations and making it an enjoyable experience when customers bring in their vehicle for services is what I strive for.

Erika Barrera
Service Administrative/Cashier

Jennifer Boyd
BDC Coordinator

Linda Estrada
Loaner/BDC Coordinator

I've been working for Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive for three months and so far, I have loved every bit of working here. I have grown to become more passionate about the automotive industry as the years go by, where I have learned to see the importance of keeping up with your vehicle not just from the outside but from the inside as well. In the process, I've been able to get to know some great people as customers and as coworkers. What I love the most about my job at Audi West is the environment. I love how bright the work place is and how the work place feels like home.

Gaylyn Marks
Audi Service Consultant

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in 2016. Audi West is a great place to work, I enjoy building long lasting relationships with our clients and watching them upgrade their vehicles. Audi West is a well-managed dealership, both calm and a fun work environment. We have a family vibe here which makes it easy to come to work everyday.

Jon Dakus
Audi Service Consultant

Reginald Prater
Audi Service Consultant

Robert Prendergast
Audi Service Consultant

I joined Audi West Houston and Sonic Automotive in 2018 and been in the auto industry through family members for the past 25 years. I enjoy one on one interaction and building relationships with our clients. What I enjoy is seeing repeat customers coming back to me and I love getting the occasional hug or the sincere expression of a thank you coming from the customer. I genuinely enjoy making the interaction between myself and the customer as pleasant as possible, a smile always works magic.

Scott Finster
Audi Service Consultant

Jeff Daigneault
Internal Service Advisor



Rob Harris
Parts Manager
(281) 899-3471

Kenneth Williams
Audi Parts Specialist

I have been working in the Parts Department for Audi West Houston for over 20 years. I specialize in wholesale part sales as well as back parts counter sales. I been so involved with parts since I was a little kid, my father was also an Audi Parts Manager. I enjoy dealing with my same customers that I have been speaking to for decades. I have built long lasting relationships-that stretch beyond the work atmosphere, so it makes my job enjoyable. The best part is my customers trust me and in return I have learned to trust them back. I have learned that if you are fast, efficient and personable-clients will always call you back!

Steve Dickens
Audi Parts Specialist

Kenneth Velasquez
Audi Parts Specialist

Mike Hughes
Audi Parts Specialist

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